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Several years ago while searching for someone to do some video copying for me, I contacted Adriam Miller. I was delighted to learn that we have a member right here in A's net who could help me out with videotape conversion. Again, a few weeks ago, when I contacted you for a referral to produce a Television Public Service Announcement..

  HIV Discussion

    4 Camera shoot, directed by Tony Liuzzi

    for Medipix Productions

Winthrop Residency Program

   Shot & Edited by Tony Liuzzi

HIV Poster Session

   Green screen Technical Engineer & Edited by Tony Liuzzi

   Produced for Medipix Productions


   Shot and Edited by Tony Liuzzi

Opening for CD-rom

   Edited by Tony Liuzzi

Plexis Product Demonstration

   Shot and edited by Tony Liuzzi

   Talent recorded on green screen

Opening on Website

   On location green screen camera tech and edited by Tony Liuzzi

   for Medipix Productions

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St Lukes Hospital

   Edited by Tony Liuzzi

Winthrop Nursing

   Shot and Edited by Tony Liuzzi