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“Tony Liuzzi was the principal editor for my Emmy nominated PBS documentary "Laugh a Day." Tony is both technically gifted and creative. More importantly you can count on him like an old friend.

He truly becomes a partner in your project's success..'

Steven Taub


Suffolk County Film Commissioner

Several years ago while searching for someone to do some video copying for me, I contacted Adriam Miller. I was delighted to learn that we have a member right here in A's net who could help me out with videotape conversion. Again, a few weeks ago, when I contacted you for a referral to produce a Television Public Service Announcement..

As technology keeps making the world smaller, it seems like simple communication with your customers, vendors, employees and even your family just keep getting harder.

Over the last 50 years, nothing has shaped our opinions or affected our lives as much as television and the power of video.

As you know television is simply another more effective way for us to communicate with each other. Today websites reach a worldwide audience and adding video to them can create your own TV channel for everyone in the world to see.

As technology keeps pushing us further and further and more distribution sources emerge, this enables us to deliver video in more creative ways, effective and efficient ways.

“The effort and professionalism that Tony puts

into his work is a credit to his industry. He is

always responsive to our needs and is efficient

and easy to work with. I highly recommend Tony

to anyone needing video production." 

“Tony's editing is fast, creative and effective.

When you are in an editing suite under a

deadline, his is the one to be in.'


David Kappes