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Several years ago while searching for someone to do some video copying for me, I contacted Adriam Miller. I was delighted to learn that we have a member right here in A's net who could help me out with videotape conversion. Again, a few weeks ago, when I contacted you for a referral to produce a Television Public Service Announcement..

Website Intro

   Edited by Tony Liuzzi

   Produced by Medipix Productions

Plastic Surgeon

   Camera and offline edit for Progressive Marketing

Elite Mobile Notary

   Camera, & Video Editor for DigitalWaterWorks production


  Product Demonstration

Generations Bowling Tour


Goalie Academy Open

  Promotional DVD-(Produced and Edited)

XMAS Video WKJY 98.3

   Videographer and Editor

   Video ran on a DVD at their booth

CHY-TV Partnership Program

   Producer and editor

St Lukes

   Promote Blood Donation-(Edited)

Power to Learn