Digital Signage

Video Signage, also known as Digital Signage, offers an exciting new tool in the competition for the public's attention. It represents an effective and dynamic way to communicate a message to a targeted audience. Video Signage, at its best, provides vibrant, sharp text and graphics, as well as dynamic animated effects and transitions.

Chytv Digital Signage

Energize your TV! Turn your video display into an information and revenue generator with an all in one solution through Chyron’s CHY-TV.

Chy-TV interfaces with any TV Flat panel displays and video projectors for lobbyies, counter displays and, check-out services for both retail and the public

You can sell your message space to generate revenue.

Chy Tv Screen close Up

We installed a digital signage solution for the NY Islanders at the Nassau Coliseum for upcoming events and more.

Typical Applications:

Sports venues, waiting rooms, advertising on TVs, campus information TV's, hotel lobbies, banks, restaurants, bars, hospitals, corporate lobbies, cafeterias, bowling alleys, stores, malls, airlines, buses, trains, subway terminals, cruise ships, hospitals, doctor / dentist offices, schools, trade shows, kiosks, racetrack displays, amusement park waiting lines, conventions and meeting centers.


Digital Signage Recent Project:

Press Release:

The New York Islanders turn to Digital Video Dynamix for its digital signage needs in the concourse area at the Nassau coliseum

Information hungry fans can now receive up to the minute event, concert, ticket information and more while purchasing their refreshments at the Nassau coliseum.

This season the New York Islanders replaced over 200 televisions with 42” LCD screens in the concourse around the coliseum.

Digital Video Dynamix a multimedia solutions provider approached Tim Beach, VP of Game Operations for the New York Islanders a year ago about utilizing ChyTV on these new flat screens.

ChyTV is a High-Performance, Low-Cost Video Graphics System for Television Information Displays and Digital Signage.

The Islanders could now use ChyTV to create a new revenue stream by customizing graphics while video is playing around the graphics.

Lets face the concession stand get crowd in-between periods and many of us will look at these screens. Which means you have thousands of eyes on your message. It is great bang for the buck, states Tony Liuzzi, President of Digital Video Dynamix.

To create a video in graphic look, the graphic designer enables a video zone and a graphic is then designed around it. You can have static text, crawls all the way to animations.